Special Tips for Taking Care of Your Headphones

High-quality headphones do not come cheap. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure you take good care of them to enjoy music and high value for money. To help you take care of the headphones correctly, here are some valuable tips to consider:

Clean the Earbuds

Like other electronic devices, earphones can gather dust or wax when you use them regularly. If you work in a dusty area, they can get dirty even faster, increasing the risk of damage. To clear this dirt, you should remove the rubber on the earbuds and clean them with a damp towel. If grime and wax have accumulated on the edges, use a toothpick dipped in a solvent to remove them. Water can also be used, but try to keep the main circuit from getting wet.

Keep the Earphones in the Case when Not in Use

One of the mistakes that you can make when using earphones is developing the habit of tossing them directly into the pocket or suitcase. If you do that, they are likely to get damaged by other items, such as keys or sharp objects. They can also get crushed by heavy objects.

To avoid this danger, you should always store earbuds in their casings. The lovely thing about most manufacturers, such as Happy Plugs and Sony, is that they also design top-of-the-range carrying cases. In the event that you lose the case or the earbuds do not have one, make sure to roll them in a loose coil before storage.

Always Unplug the Earphones after Use

One of the most important precautions to take when using headphones is unplugging them when not in use. If you leave the headphones plugged into your laptop or phone, there is a serious risk of unforeseen damage. For example, the cord can be pulled suddenly, causing the copper wires to break. If you have pets in your home or work, they can accidentally pull the cords resulting in falls and damage to your devices.

If you are using wireless earphones, such as the Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus, the issue of cables might not be an issue. However, it is advisable to switch off the headphone to reduce power discharge. Indeed, you should always try to store the headphones in their casing for safety and charging.

Avoid Sleeping with Headphones On

Everyone loves the soothing music of the lovely soul or classic songs, but sleeping with headphones can easily damage them. The weight of your head can easily crush the headphones or cause unnecessary tension on the cable when turning around. Instead of using headphones, consider turning on the house loudspeaker and listening when sleeping. You might also want to listen to the preferred songs and turning the player off before sleeping.

Do not Share Headphones

Although earphones are external devices, it will be good to look at them as internal objects because they are worn in the ears. Therefore, you should treat them as personal items and avoid sharing. While some harmless microbial flora thrives in the ears, sharing headphones can introduce harmful ones and raise the danger of mid-ear infections. If you must share music with friends or colleagues, ask them to use wireless headphones, especially those designed by top brands like Happy Plugs, because they connect without contact.

As we have demonstrated, you can only enjoy high-value for money from your earphones by taking good care of them. So, in addition to the tips we have listed in this post, make sure to avoid pulling the cables and follow the manufacturer’s manual on maintaining the headphones in top condition.

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