Leather Gun Holsters at Kirkpatrick

The variety of options in a holster that is available at Kirkpatrick cannot be found anywhere else. The best quality of handcrafted leather gun holsters in the market is handpicked by experts and designed in the best way possible. The design may vary from the tradition that is from the 1800s to the modern-day classic design. To know about this topic in detail go through this article till the end.

What are the features of the leather gun holsters at Kirkpatrick?

Some of the special features of the leather holsters made by the company are as follows:

  • The best designs are prepared by the best professionals. The professionals are chosen who have a lot of experience in the field so that the best quality of the product can be delivered to the customers.
  • The variety of options available in the design depending on the requirement of the barrel of the gun can be easily customized.
  • With the increasing demands of the customers, the online mode is the best option. This way you will be easily able to make the necessary changes and a customized product can be delivered to your address.
  • Some of the designs like the model TSS are one of the most asked as they can become the best among your competitors. This is made in such a way that the hand holstering can be easily done. It is very comfortable and concealable to carry.
  • The length of the barrel can be from 3 to 6 inches, this can be helpful as manufacturers can make the same model with different lengths just as the case in 1911.
  • The color can be made depending on the customizable request of the customers.
  • The smoothing and the comfortable touch which is done at the end. All the products are handcrafted thus giving a natural touch.

What is Kirkpatrick?

The famous Kirkpatrick company is USA based and is not only famous in Texas but all across the USA. the company has made its mark in the market for 70 years. The best quality of the product is designed by the customizable company. Different designs from a wide variety are available, which can be chosen depending on the choice of the customers. The design will make your collection of guns look cooler and the best quality of the leather is used. The leather gun holsters are the most preferred one as the duration of use is long and the product obtained is also comfortable thus easy to use.


The best variety of collections in the leather gun holsters can be found only on Kirkpatrick. The company is known for its design with the best quality of American leather is used. The famous Kirkpatrick date long back to 70 years. The collections have designs that vary from 1800 to the modern classic ones. You can choose and compare for the best result from the online mode and can even customize it accordingly. I hope this article solves all your queries on this topic and you will choose the best option available for you.

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