Important Considerations Before Buying a New Fridge

Refrigerators are available in different styles, colours, and features. Because of this, shopping for a new fridge can be both fun and stressful. Your excitement can turn into a headache when you get your new fridge home and discover it does not fit or if the door does not open far enough to pull out the crisper drawers. An experienced fridge salesperson can help you pick the best style and features that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Whether you want to buy a refrigerateur LFXS28566S or another model, read this guide first:

Ensure the Fridge Will Fit

Unlike other appliances such as stoves and dishwashers, refrigerators are not made to fit standard-size openings in your cabinetry. A fridge can have the right width but is too tall. If you don’t want surprises on delivery day, consider measuring the width and height of the fridge space and write it down before you shop. Give at least one inch of extra space on every side of the fridge to ensure easy installation and adequate ventilation. Ensure also that the fridge will fit through doorways that lead to the kitchen.

Check the Availability of Parts

Before buying a fridge made in another country, check with a local appliance repair service if parts are readily available. Keep in mind that foreign-made appliances can have expensive and hard-to-get parts. Make sure to ask about repair costs for your desired model.

Check the EnergyGuide Sticker

The sticker will help you compare the annual operating costs of your fridge and determine how much your old fridge costs to run. You can also figure out how much you will save by purchasing a new, energy-efficient model. You can do this by multiplying the estimated yearly electricity use in kWh from the EnergyGuide sticker by the cost of your electricity per kWh.

Inquire About Haul-Away and Delivery

Moving your fridge in and out of your house can be difficult, especially if there are stairs involved. When purchasing a fridge, check to see if the total charge includes the cost of moving your old fridge and delivering the new one. If not, ask how much it will be. Also, find out if connecting the water to the icemaker is included in the delivery cost.

Plan for How the Doors will Open

If your kitchen is narrow or has an island near the fridge, smaller French doors or double doors may be a better option. If your fridge is against a wall, ensure you have enough clearance so the door can open completely.

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